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Wine Tradition

Chile has a wine tradition that dates back to the 16th century and the times of the Spanish conquest. One chronicle of 1548 indicates that Brother Ignacio Carabantes brought the first vine stalks to plant on his property in Concepción, in south-central Chile.

French Legacy and Vitivinicultural Landmarks

The early centuries of Chilean history saw major landmarks in Chilean vitiviniculture. In the mid-19th century, Chile began to import the noble French varieties that today constitute the base of the national viticulture. Later, the 1980s the technological revolution brought with it the arrival of Miguel Torres, and the 1990s constitutes the golden age for exports of Chilean wine.

Winegrowing Paradise

Chile has remarkable geo-climatic conditions for winegrowing. The Atacama Desert to the north, the imposing Andes Mountains to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the cold forest to the south make Chile a country with natural sanitary boundaries that ensure that vines without the threat of pests.

New Trends

The latter years the industry of the national wine has showed a great dynamism. The vineyards increasingly orientate to the production of wines of the highest quality, that in the majority of the cases are a faithful expression of the diverse terroirs of the country. Likewise, every time they increase the Chilean organic vineyards. But one of the most current trends says relation with which there are prestigious vineyards orientated to the production of biodynamic wines.

Wine as an Expression of the Country

Chile is a diverse country in the Southern Cone. It extends 4,200 km in length and is dominated by an exuberant geography that never fails to charm anyone who sees it. Chile’s wine-producing sector is a long stretch of land bounded by the Atacama Desert in the north and ancient Patagonian forests in the south. This broad variety of geography, climates, and soil types is expressed in Chilean wine, which delights for its diversity of flavors and styles

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